Speaker Talk Summary and Introduction

Title: Speak the Truth

For leaders, entrepreneurs and people who want to reconcile damaged relationships and enable more powerful feedback and truth telling that serves not shreds.

“I just don’t know how to tell them they are…performing so badly/not treating me with respect/not really a team player”
“I am terrified of speaking up in case I blow it/upset someone/are misunderstood.”

Join Christine and discover how to:

• Learn to say what you need to say without starting WW111
• Find the courage to be more assertive in your communication because you have a strategy
• Evolve as a leader and communicator
• Separate your emotional heat from the conversation so there is a chance of really being heard

In this dynamic and powerful session you will learn

• The cost of not speaking the truth and why it really matters
• The first step in the Speak to Truth process that on its own will change your relationships
• How simply changing the way you show up changes everything for the better, a very powerful take away.

Christine’s McDougall’s Bio for Speak the Truth

Christine McDougall is known as the pocket dynamo able to zero in at the speed of light on people’s self deception, the lack of integrity in systems and organisations and the BS that clogs relationships and leadership. She brings a combination of radical truth and deep compassion to her work, holding people to their most desired truth without judgment.

“Speak the Truth ~ 7 steps to radical truth with compassion” has been delivered worldwide to teams and organisations who know the real cost of miscommunication and unreconciled human relationships.

Christine has worked for the last 17 years as a mentor to some of the brightest leaders and entrepreneurs in Australia and the world. She has worked with their teams and organisations, providing exhilarating new perspectives while simultaneously holding people to step into their most authentic expression. Her clients have become deeply admired leaders, their businesses have flourished, and their relationships have gained the level of intimacy and connection that few imagined possible. Most of all her clients have achieved a level of deep fulfillment and inner certainty in their life.

She is one of the most amazing people I have met.
Jason Andrew, Australasian Auctioneering Champion 2010

Christine also works in collaboration with some of the most cutting edge thinkers and practitioners in the world to address the unsolvable ‘wicked’ problems, to support large scale cultural and systems change in organisations, and to build platforms enabling the most advanced thinking and perspectives to be brought to any change process.

Christine is known as the queen of truth and integrity.

She has published a book ‘Speak the Truth ~ 7 Steps to Radical Truth with Compassion’, writes a weekly blog, Guinea Pig C, Maintaining Integrity against the tide, is a life long student of R. Buckminster Fuller, has a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, and is an ultra distance runner, with 20 plus marathons and ultra marathons under her belt.

You can sign up for her blog, download Speak the Truth and learn more about Christine at www.christinemcdougall.com


Introducing Christine McDougall, “Speak the Truth”

If you are someone that has ever struggled with having a really important conversation, like delivering feedback, or getting your point across, or handling issues where anger, upset, personal attack, or criticism are present, then you are in the right place.

You may have a friend with whom you have had a falling out, or a co~worker who never keeps their promises, or a boss that takes you for granted. Or a spouse with whom you seem to be growing more distant. All of these situations, and many others, ask us to speak up. But we have never really been taught how to do this, and do it in such a way that allows us to build a bridge, instead of tear a bridge down.

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to Dr. Christine McDougall. Her work on Speak the Truth began 12 years ago in corporate Australia, where she was asked to support the delivery of performance feedback. Since that time, Speak the Truth has been delivered around the world and has changed people’s lives.

In addition to Speak the Truth, Christine has worked for 17 years with entrepreneurs and leaders of industry from around the world on how to create success on their terms. Many of her clients stay working with her for years. Their businesses thrive, they become deeply admired and respected as leaders, their intimate relationships flourish. Most importantly, they feel more empowered, confident, clear and energised.

Other than her degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Christine continues to study human development theory, integral theory, global politics, the poetry of the mystics, world economics, and history. She regularly teaches Integral Theory to the entrepreneur class at Bond University and has been a life long student of R.Buckminster Fuller. She often runs seriously long distances in a day, just for fun.

Christine is known for her ability to tell the radical truth with compassion. Not much passes under her radar. Today Christine is going to talk about how to tell the radical truth with compassion, in her talk “Speak The Truth.”

Welcome Christine McDougall


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