Jason Andrew Auctioneers. Australasian Auctioneering Champion 2010.

I started working with Christine because I was lost. I had everything but had nothing. My private life and business life all melted into one.

Christine has the ability to clean your mind, make you see things in a different light and send you away with a new sense of energy and vigour towards life, relationships and business. She is one of the most amazing people I have met. Very few people have touched my life and changed it for the better the way she has.

Simon Allsop, Executive Search, Singapore

I hired Christine because I was struggling to muster real enthusiasm for my work. I had been employed by the same company for 4 or 5 years and had arrived at some difficult obstacles including finding ways to develop some of the people that worked for me. I was feeling trapped, flat, uninspired and unenthusiastic. Despite everything I was reading, all the advice I was seeking and being given, I could not find a way of getting myself back into gear. I did not know what it was that I had to seek to change to recover what was missing.

It was comfortable and liberating to explain things to someone who seemed to have endless patience to listen and understand. I was surprised that Christine seemingly brought no agenda whatsoever to our meetings, no ‘toolkit’ or premeditated solutions. She allowed me, aided by her sharp observations, to arrive at some exhilarating new perspectives. I think the experience has left me feeling far more self-sufficient than before. I feel today deeply confident that my real values align through my work and family life, and I attribute that incredibly important and empowering realisation directly to our work together.

This year Christine has helped me to engineer the most dramatic transformation in my most important relationship of all; with my wife. The change is phenomenal, and wonderful. Christine is an advisor, a coach, a mentor, who advises on business and personal issues with equal clarity. She understands business, relationships, people, and communication at the very deepest level, and her advice has a spiritual foundation and value if you choose to see it. All of Christine’s work originates from her resolute and clear value system. Her understanding of what integrity is and means is supremely developed, and all of her work stems directly from this source. Put simply, Christine fights the good cause every single day, and does it with courage, energy and very inspiring conviction. What this means to me is that I trust her advice and views absolutely, because I know they come from a good place.

Michelle Rolfe, Banking Executive

I hired Christine because I was experiencing imposter syndrome in my work and had a bad case of mothers guilt. (being away from my child) I had (and sometimes still do) a feeling of not been good enough compared to others. I felt incredibly comfortable with Christine from the minute I met her. I loved her use of visual graphics – they made immediate sense to me, I still use the Victim line to this day. Christine put my big issues into reality, I was surprised how quickly I dealt with Mothers guilt.

I learned that:

1. Life/People are not black and white – enjoy finding the grey.

2. I worried about everything and I now simply say “the world is not ending and the sky is not falling” – helps me put things into perspective.

3. I constantly work on my positive self talk. I am liking me heaps more and see the value that I add to this world.

Christine’s intent is pure. She could read me like a book. She threw me against the wall from time to time – which cemented the fact that personal development is not a walk in the park.

Kate Freebairn, Senior Design, Nokia

I hired Christine in my desire to be more, increase my leadership potential, learn more and push my limits. This was inline with moving from one side of the world to another for work.

Every dialogue brings me something special, a realization, clarity, the right questions, calmness, inspiration. Working with Christine can turn me from low to empowered, from no hope to inspired progress, from fighting the system to empowered to move forward, from unsure to confident.

Three tangible, measurable changes / shifts have been:

Clarity in my dialogue to others – clean communication

Truly listening and allowing the space/trust

Confidence to believe and follow my intuition more

Business support is incredibly and great. When I need more contact I ask and Christine is always there. I have become better at asking and reaching out. Working with Christine is like looking into a mirror reflecting myself. She continuously brings integrity, truth and honestly to the table. She inspires me to truly be me, listen to my inner voice and move beyond ordinary expectations. Christine is like a guardian angel who I deeply trust and now is always with me, empowering the best from me. I could not recommend Christine enough.

Andrew Trabulsi, Social Entrepreneur, USA

Getting over the self-created mental obstacles that have kept me from fulfilling my own potential was one of the prime motivations behind working with Christine. I was also seeking clarity on my spiritual path, trusting myself, picking myself up and getting “back on the court”. I was not expecting to spend time deeply exploring the complex stages of human development, human development theory, and integral theory, but these conversations have inspired me to learn more.

I have learned gratitude towards and the ability to heal past personal relationships, a greater ability to listen and trust my own personal intuition and an ability to say “no” to clients, contracts, and individuals that felt misaligned with my guiding principles of compassion, sincerity, authenticity, and service.

Christine’s distinguishing skills are her ability to dive into the depth and detail of advanced theories in psychology and spiritual teachings, and offer practical coaching for implementing such teachings into everyday life, on a personal and professional level.

She has been a huge help to me, supporting me to find clarity and insight in a wide variety of areas that I have struggled with moving past for some time. I would absolutely recommend her.

Facilitation and Training

Dianne Firman, Brisbane, Australia

I attended your presentation at AIM last week which I thoroughly related to
and enjoyed. I was impressed with the way you connected with the audience and your questioning technique to unravel the onion layers in your example with Brett (who obviously was technically wired) was brilliant and non threatening. This enabled him to reflect on his responses, without reacting defensively, and thus see how his agenda was actually contributing to his problem with 'Bob'.

I was so impressed with your presentation that I visited your website and
downloaded your ebook and read it. I have also applied the first question of “what do you want for the other person” to a very difficult conversation that I had recently. It was a challenging conversation and there will be a follow-up to it next week where I will apply the same caring principle. The person that I am dealing with has a blind spot in relation to their interpersonal skills which is a potential derailer to their personal success. My aim is to give help my colleague to reflect on the feedback in the hope of them seeing this blind spot.

Maria Whealey, Real Estate Agent, Carindale, Qld

I was lucky enough to be in the group that you presented to yesterday morning and I wanted to thank you for a most enlightening session. I had that many "light-bulb" moments during your presentation - it has given me a enormous amount of things to think about, change, adjust etc.

As Real Estate Agents, we go to training to have an update and reminder of what needs to be done - we all so often talk afterwards and say " I know what needs to be done - I just don't do it!!" Your session actually highlighted that massive void that's been in my training to date & that is what goes on between those ears of mine !!! We scratch our heads going "why do we behave like this???" You gave great insight into what to do when things don't go so well and acknowledged that we do need our support network and to feel part of a tribe!

My partner is in sales and I was so excited to share with him all the valuable information I received from your session. I read with great interest last night "Speak The Truth" and have it loaded now to keep referring to and to understand and practice what its words reveal.

I cant thank you enough for "cutting through the BS" and making me take a good look at myself and WHY ???? I do what I do.

with many thanks

Mark Cheney, Principal North Brisbane, RE/MAX Ultimate

I had the pleasure in listening to your talk at the Jason Andrews Training yesterday in Brisbane.

I have to say it was one of the most inspirational talks I have ever been at and I would be delighted if you would be willing to come along and talk to my Team.

Christine Rudolph, Space Property Agents, Brisbane

Thank you for your wonderful presentation this morning. There is always a light bulb moment for me when you speak.
The feedback was that you certainly moved quite a few of us, one of my colleagues even commented that she felt quite teary.
Your honesty and authenticity is always very refreshing and welcome.

Newsletter and Blog

Austin Parry

Christine writes about her truth, offering a different perspective, an angle of thought that I didn’t think of … thus I’m receiving a mental workout each time I read the newsletter. Truth, integrity and living outside of the haze of unconsciousness. Her words and information keep me informed, inspired and motivated.

If I succumb to thoughts from ‘dark’ places her words and actions give me a good kick up the bum.

Julianne Exton, New Zealand

I signed up for the Dare to Care eNews after I heard Christine speak at a seminar in Auckland a few years ago. There was an echo in my heart when I listened to her speaking.

I was quite staggered and delighted at way she put yourself out there – and created intimacy with her readers, not only in her writing style, but in the open approach, and level of self disclosure, with purpose.

Christine writes about citizenship, courage, resilience, strength, being human alongside others, social responsibility, social justice, visioning, dreaming, desiring.


Christine’s writing strives to excite and incite the top tier of companies (people) to change POV, innovate thoroughly if indeed they are innovating, demonstrate integrity and alignment with the ecological and sociological needs of the times. Christine’s writing investigates the why of breakdowns and the how of rebuilding.

She strives to reawaken the innate drive to speak, act and engage in all activities from conscious coherence and natural flexibility.

Susie Pitt

Christine’s writing and her gift is to move people not only to the next level but to open windows of possibility never experienced.

Speak the Truth

Gail Moore. Moore Master Coaching

I signed up for the Speak the Truth teleclass because I really want to improve my communication skills especially when in conflict.

By doing the process I came to a very clear understanding (not in my head but in my heart) of where my responsibility lay in the situation and how my assumptions were just that. I saw how in truth I had no idea of what was truly going on and that there were many possibilities other than the ones I had created.

As such the process took me very quickly to a place of true compassion for the person I was feeling in conflict with and a “looking forward” to connecting with him instead of fear and dread.

The biggest single learning I had was to be very careful not to create stories around what I think or believe to be so about another person or their position but rather do the deep work of this process and then reach out and connect (with the Truth).

I am going to use the Speak the Truth material to connect to my heart, see where I may not be taking responsibility or making assumptions, move from a place of judgment and fear to one of greater understanding and compassion and finally to take the necessary action to communicate and connect in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Its obvious this material is ingrained in Christine and she walks her talk. She explains the material very well, she is kind yet strong, very intuitive and insightful. In a word masterful!

Speak the Truth is timely, imperative and brilliant.