Business Hacking- Gaining the clarity, perspective and innovation required to lead the future

It gives me great pleasure to invite you and your company to participate in a Business Hackathon.


What the heck is a Business Hackathon and why would I want to participate?

The great management and business guru Peter Drucker said, “The temptation of business is always to feed yesterday and to starve tomorrow.

Business simply cannot afford to do this. The world is moving too fast and its not going to slow down.

Do you want to ensure you are profitable tomorrow and in five years?
Do you want to ensure that your product and service is not only relevant but highly sort after in the future?
Are you aware that your business systems and design might be stuck in the past and slowing you down?
Has your business lost its core identity and needs a re-calibration?
Are you passionate about staying at the cutting edge of management and business models?
Is you culture lacking the buzz to thrive in a rapidly changing world?



A question you might ask is “Are your customers moving faster than you? Are they already searching for the next best thing, the next best service...the one that will make your product and service obsolete?”

Or...”How much time does your company spend examining the trends that are arriving, globally and locally..the ones that just might knock your business backwards if you miss them?”

Or...”How do we prepare our systems, our culture, our product design and delivery to be positioned well in advance of the future?”

If we do not stay in the top 5% of our field then we are not going to survive and thrive. You already know this. But the choices of what to do are many...and some of them you do not know about yet.

That’s the point of a Business Hackathon. Its designed specifically to get you to a place of absolute clarity around what you and your business needs to do to be the leader of business in the future.

The Business Hack is about examining every single assumption you have made in your business, in every area + seeing your business through multiple perspectives including the perspectives of your customer + being introduced to whole new tools and models that are at the cutting edge + ensuring your business is calibrated to the global, national and local influences, present and future.


The Business Hackathon is a very unique offering. You will see your business and its potential in a whole new way that will add to the present and future value of your business.

  • You will know which parts of your business are either redundant, not aligned, or distracting from the core of your business

  • You will discover which parts of your business are sleeper opportunities, that if given focus, will allow exponential flourishing

  • You will be introduced to new models and tools designed specifically to keep your business at the cutting edge, prepared for the many possible future scenarios

  • These models and tools will have immediate and practical application that will provide you and your business an edge and accelerator to more business

  • Your leadership will take a quantum leap. People want to be involved in businesses that are deeply engaged in a conversation about its own relevance to the present and the future at the local, national and global levels

  • Engagement levels with all of your stakeholders will be enhanced through the invitation to have them participate in relevant and meaningful ways as your business progresses

  • Your whole business design, from values to service delivery to culture to customer engagement will be coherent, aligned and focused


Can you afford to do a Business Hack? Can you afford not to?

Seriously, if you are not taking time to really hack your business on a regular basis then you are going to be left behind.


Business may be going great at present...(bravo), and yet you absolutely know that to step back, take the time to view your business objectively, and to do so with a select and diverse group of stakeholders is critical to your continued ability to stay at the very top of your game.

You may sense that there is a whole raft of opportunities out there that you know you are missing...and really want to be able to see and implement, because when you do, a new level of business success will become available to you.

For information on the process of a business hack, please read this article.

Are you ready to future proof your business? If so, send me an email and I would be delighted to discuss this with you.