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I care deeply about how business as usual is screwing the planet and its people. I am always tuned in to what is happening at the edge of business, human and systems development, innovation, design, governance, architecture, community, economics, new thought, pop culture....

and living “Integrity is the essence”

Integrity = authenticity (self awareness + courage + vulnerability) x invisibility (service to others + being in integrity when no one is looking) x reliability (saying, being, doing your word) Or in Bucky’s words, we must start with the Universe first, when considering anything. Start with Source. Get to the heart of it, the why. The real why that so few people ever examine. Move closer to WHOLENESS. In all things.

Spiced with a healthy dose of positive deviance ~ thinking, being, seeing the world differently …including from a place of spectacular creativity that arises from knowing that we have the answers to our most difficult questions…

Served on a platter of inspiration..

With a side of usefulness and practicality. And a love of beauty, nature, long distance running, the poetry of Rumi, bare feet...


2.23am A Call to Uncommon Action

We are birthing a global movement and tribe to support Business for Good. A resource rich web platform with world class interviews, case studies, tools, forums.... in locations around the world...PLUS events in the virtual space. Interviews with people like Sir Richard Branson and Tony Hsieh..and many other less public leaders who are moving the needle of business...Join us here, or read the blog here.

I write

A 2 day a week blog 2.23 am Dare to Care for entrepreneurs, positive deviant non conformists and business owners who insist on screwing business as usual for all the right reasons while living a whole hearted, whole minded, wholly soulful life. Always spiced with integrity, sometimes raw humanity, often provocative, invariably practical, hopefully inspirational. You can sign up to receive these posts by email, plus other advanced offers, invitations to events and connections to the 2.23am community here.


I photograph sunrises...and write a short reflective piece on each

After taking sunrise photographs for over a year and posting them to Facebook I have had many people request that I create a this project is about creating a day book with 365 sunrises, each with a short reflective piece. You can access them as a blog here on this site, or on my Facebook page here. I invite your comments.


I teach the application of Integral Accounting

Tired of living in a world of scarce resources, constrained by the need to 'fund' projects, always forced to come back to focusing on value in one If you and your business yearn for a better way, a more whole way, to measure, express, recognise and capiltalise on Value, then the application of Integral Accounting may be the bold step to take. Sustainable systems simply cannot be overlaid on the existing system. (This post will explain why.)
To read more about Integral Accounting, check out this short series.

Want to know more...please get in touch here.

I work with two clients one-on-one for a year...

to bring your personal life and your business into alignment as you express the call of the 2.23am impulse. For more information, and to apply....

(I also offer a scholarship to one young entrepreneur a apply...)

I facilitate Business Hackathons

...enabling businesses who insist on being at the cutting edge of their service and product offering to do so with confidence and aligned intention, able to lead the future knowing they will be profitable in all domains while doing no harm to any stakeholder.

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I facilitate teams and groups

…including boards, on their strategy and their ability to work as a team. I have worked with new teams to build cohesion, with teams that are imploding and need a heavy dose of re~calibrating. With high performing teams who want to stay on the edge.

I am an acute listener, with the ability to zero in on the BS, I hold people to account, I create spaces where truth is told. I empower people, even while calling them out for their small behaviour. I ask people to step up and they do.

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Speak the Truth 7 steps to radical truth with compassion…This little ebook, a 20 min read, will change your life. Bold statement!

This is the work you need to do on YOU before you have a crucial conversation. It will require personal rigor, heartfelt truthfulness, raw and intentional courage....and will enrich all of your relationships, including the primary one you have...with yourself.

Grab a copy…its FREE. And there are a bunch of free audio examples that you can download as well.

Published over 120 articles on Positive Deviance


I started this site in 2008. The idea of Positive Deviance was deeply attractive to me. Positive Deviance is based on the premise that a small group of people in stressful situations have the ability to think and respond to their circumstances in a way that is breathtakingly creative and fabulously positive for all. The true ‘out of the boxers’, outliers, and thought leaders. With an edge.

You will find articles on everything from leadership development to cosmic accounting…physical intelligence, sustainability…check it out. (Currently undergoing a revision/upgrade…but the articles are good)

I speak to audiences

About Business Hacking, Business as Unusual, Speaking the Truth, and Life on the Frontier of Change.

I talk about all things integrity…so authenticity, being your word, vulnerability, courage, being of service, self awareness, living in integrity….plus I can be more cerebral, and speak about human development, integral theory, spiral dynamics, Bucky Fuller. (Love doing this to bright young entrepreneurs…)

People also like me to speak about running continuously for up to 17 hours, which I have done. And my daily practice, maintained over 17 years, of very early morning running and swimming. My 20 plus marathons..etc.. Called by my running buddies the energiser bunny with a diesel engine.

I love Q@A, interaction, workshopping, and really engaging with the audience.

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I partner with brilliant colleagues from around the world

Under the domain of The Constellation, I partner with people addressing the most critical systemic changes occurring globally right now. We are architects of evolution. We do not have the answers, but we do have a framework and the ability to bring a level of thinking to situations that few people have access to. We work in collaboration with the brilliance that is already available in the companies who hire us. Often this brilliance has not been given the right conditions to become evident. Using principles of Synergy, where 1 plus 1 may equal 1000 or more, we co~ create solutions, using an autopoetic process of design that seeks to uncover critical acupuncture points. When addressed these acupuncture points have the ability to release pathways that may not be obvious at first cut. The outcome, organisations that are moving into the future with comprehensive consideration and breathtaking and inspiring visions.

The details…

Born August 31st, 1960, Lautoka, Fiji
Citizen and resident of Australia
Single parent since 1993 to incredible daughter Natalie, 23 years (1991)

Executive leadership intelligence, facilitation, speaking from 1997 to 2014
Self employed since 1985
Bachelor Applied Science, major Chiropractic, RMIT, Victoria, 1983
Dedicated student of R.Buckminster Fuller since 1986, Integral Theory/Spiral Dynamics since 2001

Ongoing education daily in global affairs, economics, sustainability, human development, spirituality, history, endurance sport, design, pop culture

Completed over 20 marathons, including New York (x2) Boston, Chicago, Honolulu, Sydney, Gold Coast (x9), Big Sur, plus half a dozen ultra marathons (+42 kms) and an ironman triathlon (NZ 1997)


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2.23 am

Christine McDougall

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Christine McDougall!/chrismcdougall8

You can find me on youtube, delivering to audiences.

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